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cheater's angry outbursts

Why the Cheater’s Angry Outbursts are Sometimes  Just Bull$#!+

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar… You and your cheating spouse seem to be getting along pretty good lately.  It’s been several months or more since the affair was discovered. You know the affair is over.  You’re reconnecting with each other somewhat (perhaps wonderfully), and you can definitely see things moving in a positive, […]

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after the emotional affair

After the Emotional Affair – The Path to Introspection (Slightly Updated)

  Self-exploration is very painful, but unless you do that, you will never know who you are and who you want to be.— Iris Apfel Many readers have mentioned that their cheating spouses are not doing what is necessary to help them heal from their emotional or physical affair. The cheater is not working on themselves […]

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after his emotional affair

Why I Decided Not to Kick Doug to the Curb After His Emotional Affair

The other day one of our readers emailed us the article 10 Reasons Not to Take Back a Cheating Husband by Kiri Blakeley.  I realize that the thought of potentially kicking the cheating spouse to the curb is in the minds of many of our readers, so I thought I’d post a comment I made […]

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emotional affair journey survey

The Results from the Emotional Affair Journey Reader Survey

We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our most recent survey.  There are always some interesting takeaways (interpretations) when we do these things and this one didn’t disappoint. We’re not going to address every question, but will touch on the ones we thought you’d be most interested in. Even so, […]

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Save Your Marriage with a 180

Today we have one of our older posts from nearly 3 years ago on the subject of doing a “180” to help save your marriage and/or get your spouse to end the affair. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t get at least one email from a betrayed spouse who is having […]

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emotional affair

How the Cheater Can Deal with Triggers

This is a guest post by Sara K. on how the cheater can deal with triggers caused by the memories of their affair. It may surprise the spouse but it is nearly impossible for a day to go by that a Cheater doesn’t for even the briefest of moments, think back to D-Day. For many […]

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recovering from an affair

Changes Cheaters Might Make if They ‘Get It’

About a month ago Doug and I were traveling to Nashville for a weekend getaway and while driving we were doing a little work on a book that we’re writing.  We had certain topics that we wanted to discuss so we would talk about them into our digital recorder – interview style.  It really worked […]

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Do cheating spouses have affair triggers?

Building Self-Confidence After It’s Been Shattered by Infidelity

How can a person increase their chances of building self-confidence after an affair? Linda is not very difficult to read most of the time.  When she’s upset, mad or feeling down I can usually see it on her face right away.  The other day she was talking with a neighbor whose husband left her and […]

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Discussion – Your Needs in the Affair Recovery Process

Hello everyone! During the affair recovery process there are many things that the betrayed spouse needs from the cheating spouse to help them recover, heal and save the relationship. The list can be quite extensive obviously, and is very dependent on where the betrayed is at in their own recovery process.  For example, a person […]

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Communicating After the Affair

We will be back from our weeklong vacation tomorrow, so today we have another post from the past.  This one is from October of 2010 and deals with some things you should NOT do when trying to talk to your spouse about the affair. 8 Communication ‘Don’ts’ After the Affair Communication after the affair is […]

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