Survive and Thrive after Infidelity

Betrayed Bundle_blueWe’ve had this blog now for almost five years, and over that period of time we’ve had the honor of communicating with thousands of people who have been affected in some way by infidelity.

It just so happens that about 85% of the time it has been with those whose spouse has been unfaithful.

In nearly 100% of those cases, the people are struggling. They are searching for anything that can help them get over the lingering pain, crushing emotions, confusion and uncertainty they are experiencing.

They are floundering and have no clue what it takes; what they should or should not be doing, or how best to focus their energies.

That’s understandable and we have to say that we did not know how to at first either.

Our whole aim for starting this blog in the first place was to help people survive infidelity and rebuild their marriage based on our own experiences – both good and bad – and through the knowledge we’ve picked up along the way from books, other experts and through research.

So not too long ago, we wondered how we could better help those who need it. But there was a problem…

Not everybody has the same issue that they are struggling with.

For some it could be trust and forgiveness, while others might be having troubles dealing with those nasty obsessive thoughts, triggers and memories.

To us it made no sense to simply write a book and slap a “How to Survive an Affair” title to it and only briefly touch on some of these very important aspects of recovery and healing.

How to not just survive, but thrive!

So instead we decided to conduct several surveys asking what you are struggling with most.  Based on the survey results we created 8 highly focused modules, workshops, coaching sessions – whatever you want to call them – that address your most important and most difficult struggles.

We then decided to put them all under the program name, Survive and Thrive after Infidelity.

Here are the module titles:

  • Crisis Management: Surviving the First 30-Days after D-day
  • Processing the Five Stages of Grief after Infidelity
  • The Journey to Healing: Surviving and Thriving Post D-day
  • The Real Journey to Forgiveness: It’s for You Not for Your Spouse
  • Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust After an Affair
  • Regaining Control: Dealing With Obsessive Thoughts, Triggers & Memories of the Affair
  • Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem: Finding Wholeness Again after Your Partner’s Affair
  • Sexuality After the Affair: Restoring and Defining a New Kind of Intimacy

Now, to be clear, these modules aren’t just a collection of regurgitated blog posts. Nope, for the last several months we researched, interviewed and talked to experts and other couples who have traveled the same journey as the rest of us.

We then combined this material with our own experiences, mistakes and struggles and came up with 8 modules (that’s what we’re calling them!) aimed to help you with your most important issues.

So, practically speaking, what does this mean?

This means, for example, that if you’re further along and are only struggling with say, forgiveness, you can go straight to the module on forgiveness and skip the rest. Likewise, if you’re dealing with a host of things like obsessive thoughts & triggers, self-esteem and restoring intimacy, you might want to check out all three of those modules and never mind the others.

And if you’re struggling with everything, well we’ve got the Betrayed Spouse Collection that contains all the modules for you.

Oh, and another thing that came out in our surveys…It appears that you all prefer to digest your materials in two primary ways. Most of you prefer to read, while a fair percentage prefers to listen.

So we have all the modules in both written (PDF) and audio (MP3) versions.

In fact, we actually hired a professional voice talent person to create the audios. (If you’ve never tried to record about 7-hours of audio audio, it’s much harder than you think it is.)

Plus each module comes with an additional bonus item such as a meditation, a guide or exercises.

So, you may be thinking…Sounds like a great idea, but this must cost a small fortune.

Well, we believe in value and we believe that’s important to give people a lot of value for their hard earned dollars.

Honestly, we could very easily put a price tag on these modules in the same ballpark as other programs on the market at around $37 – $47 each.

But we are very aware and sympathetic to the fact that one thing that can add to the uncertainty of things after infidelity, is your finances. We know what people want is something that provides excellent value at a fair price.

So when we roll this out to the general public in a week or so, we have established a price that’s very easy to swallow – just $19.95 per module.

However, that price is for the general public, not our loyal readers and subscribers. In other word – YOU.

Starting tomorrow morning (Monday, November 10) at 9:00 Eastern time, and lasting until Midnight Thursday November 13, we’re offering a 25% discount on individual modules and a 50% discount if you purchase the entire Betrayed Spouse Collection.

So be on the lookout for an email from us tomorrow morning at 9:00AM Eastern time with a link where you can buy.

Have any questions about the program? Contact us and let us know.

Thanks for all your support!

Linda & Doug


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