Linda’s Interview about Confrontation After the Emotional Affair

A couple of weeks ago Linda was involved in a webinar with Dr. Robert Huizenga, author of “Break Free From the Affair.” Linda was interviewed about her opinions on confronting the other person. In her case she chose not to confront Tanya, and in the interview she explains why.

Right click the link for the MP3 download to the interview , and click “Save link as”  so that you can listen to the hour-long discussion at your leisure.  It will take a minute or so to upload depending on your connection speed, so please be patient.

Or, you can just listen below


In addition to discussing the confrontation issue, Linda and Dr. Huizenga also discussed several other subjects:

  • Linda’s initial thoughts, feelings and emotions just after D-day.
  • Dr Huizenga sites the characteristics of an emotional affair.
  • Why it’s risky in an emotional affair to confront the OP.
  • What questions to ask yourself before you confront the OP.
  • What types of affairs lend themselves to confrontation.
  • How to get past constantly asking questions of the cheating spouse.
  • Learn how Linda uses self-talk to help her move past the difficult aspects of the emotional affair.

For more information about Dr. Huizenga, “The Infidelity Coach” please visit his website at


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One Response to Linda’s Interview about Confrontation After the Emotional Affair

  1. AJ February 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm #

    I wanted to confront her but she has hidden from me. So I know that I have to accept that I will never have that moment, that face to face moment.

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