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Cheaters Caught on Video

Well once again it’s video Saturday. Our open discussion this week was about reactions to finding out about affairs. Today we have a couple of videos from the TV show “Cheaters.” Most of you are probably familiar with this show, and while I admit the pretense of the show is a bit cheesy, and the […]

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How to Survive an Affair: Review

As we have mentioned previously on this blog, Dr. Frank Gunzburg and his book “How to Survive an Affair” has proved to be a very valuable resource.  What we have enjoyed most about this book, is that it’s actually more than a book—it’s a system.  Systems are easier to follow and adhere to than most […]

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Surviving an Affair: A Two Step Approach

One of the authors that I have followed is Willard E. Harley Jr. Ph.D., author of several different books including “His Needs Her Needs” (which you can find in “The Library” on our blog).  He has a fairly straight forward 2-step approach to surviving an affair.  Step 1: Never have contact with the affair partner […]

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Cheating Spouse Gets Dumped On

This video of a cheating spouse getting her beloved convertible filled with horse manure was forwarded to us the other day, and I must say that we had a nice chuckle watching it. However, one thing that we discussed after viewing it was the issue of taking revenge after discovering your spouse had an affair. […]

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3 Tips to Help You Heal From an Affair

When you first learn about an affair, it is completely devastating. I’m sure that many emotions ran through your head like anger, grief, frustration, a total loss of self-esteem and that you’re world has been totally ripped apart. From our own experience we can tell you that getting over an affair takes time, dedication from […]

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Recent Changes To The Site

As many of you regular readers may have noticed, there is a slightly different look to the blog since Thursday. This site is a bit of a work in progress, so there should be many more changes as time goes on. We’d like to thank everybody who has visited our site and especially those of […]

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Don’t Lose Your Self Concept

A couple of years ago when Doug and I really started to experience problems in our marriage, not only did we become distant but we also began treating each other with disrespect.  I know that I was not too supportive or encouraging and neither was Doug.  Additionally, there were times when I would want to […]

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Video: How to Get Revenge…

Linda and I were online last night looking at some forums that we like to participate in, and saw several videos having marital affair themes. Now there is nobody who knows more than us how serious a subject this is, but this particular video absolutely made both of us laugh out loud. Sometimes, we all […]

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break free from the affair

Facts You Need to Know About Infidelity

Today we are honored to have  Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach as a guest blogger.  Dr. Huizenga has been a Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist, and has worked with hundreds of couples and thousands of individuals experiencing individual and marital problems (such as affairs).   He is the author of “Break Free From the […]

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Friday Night Was a Rough One!

I am having much difficulty each time I read one of Doug’s posts.  For some reason, after reading his last post, I became very emotional and  upset and he is having a hard time dealing with this.  He doesn’t understand why I become so upset about something that happened a year ago and has been […]

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