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dealing with abusive relationships

Resources for Dealing with Abusive Relationships

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks (or live outside the US), by now you’re probably more than aware of the whole Ray Rice situation. I won’t rehash the whole story for those who may not be in the know, but here’s a link you can go to if […]

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coping with infidelity

Coping with Infidelity – Self-Care and Living for Yourself

A few months ago I was mentoring a younger woman (younger than me at least) and she had recently discovered her husband’s 2-year long physical and emotional affair. Needless to say she was not in a good place at the time. As she told her story it became apparent that the affair was becoming extremely […]

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discovering your authentic self

You’re Not Your Authentic Self When Having an Affair – Discovering Your Authentic Self

While on our recent getaway to the great state of Michigan (that’s hard to say as an Ohio State fan), we visited the small town of Saugatuck. It’s a pretty cool little place which has a certain stepping-back-in-time feel to it. After a day of hiking some dunes and hanging out on the beach along […]

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The Change is Coming

There’s something that has been going on in our household that has created some distressing turn of events. We’re going through a rough patch where there is a noticeable lack of intimacy, there’s increased tension at times, sex is very infrequent and Linda is questioning herself in a variety of ways. Before you get all […]

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feeling that you’re not good enough

Dealing with the Feeling that You’re Not Good Enough

As we’ve mentioned numerous times in past posts, there is a natural tendency to want to compare yourself to your spouse’s affair partner and say, “Well, what did this other person have that I didn’t have?” In truth, this other person in many ways is a fantasy. They’re not in there day to day, dealing […]

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emotional healing after infidelity

Emotional Healing After Infidelity – Becoming Whole with Mindfulness

One of our main goals for this site has always been to help guide people towards emotional healing after infidelity.  The other day, I was listening to an audio recording of a virtual conference on the subject between  host, Dr. Eric Maisel and Dr. Melanie Greenberg.  I wanted to share some of the concepts that […]

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recovering from an affair

Recovering from an Affair and My First Visit with a Therapist

Just over three years ago – and after a couple of years of trying to recover on my own –  I finally decided to go see a therapist.  This post revisits that experience. Not seeing a therapist individually soon after discovering the affair was one of my biggest mistakes. So I highly recommend that you […]

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personal recovery and growth

What Do Green and Blue Have to do With Affair Recovery?

Our new site colors represent two of the primary elements for affair recovery.  Read further to understand what they are and how to accomplish them. If you’ve been a member or reader for very long, you’ve surely noticed that we just recently changed the design of our site.  It’s still a work in progress in […]

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affair advice

31 Survivors Share Their Lessons Learned, Mistakes Made and Affair Advice

Trying to recover from an affair is frustrating and confusing, to say the least.  Nobody is ever taught prior to marriage about how to handle infidelity or how to save a marriage. We’re here to try and help you with this. Over the course of several past discussions, blog posts and numerous comments, we’ve come […]

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20 Tips for Women to Create an Epic Marriage

As we mentioned on Monday, today we wanted to post the follow up piece that Gerald Rogers wrote about creating an epic marriage.  So without further adieu, here it is… The Wife That Every Man Wants by Gerald Rogers Last Sunday, just after my marriage of 16 years ended in divorce, I was up at […]

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