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husband's affair

A Reader Shares Her New Perspective on Her Husband’s Affair

Almost four years ago, one of our readers, “blueskyabove” made a comment on a post that we thought was pretty great.  We wanted to convert it to a post back then, but forgot about it for some reason. Luckily, we ran across it again the other day and decided to share it now.  Better late than never! […]

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What Happens in Couples After Someone Cheats?

What Happens in Couples After Someone Cheats? The Long-Term Impact of Infidelity

So what happens to couples that have experienced infidelity?  Well, relationship expert and therapist Esther Perel kept in contact with many of her past clients to learn more about the long-term impact of infidelity. We thought that what she discovered was quite interesting and we hope that you do too. In short, she discovered three basic […]

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mistakes after infidelity

I Wish I Would Have Known That!

We all make mistakes along our affair recovery journeys, but it sure seems as though the unfaithful spouse is the person making the lion’s share of them.  I made my share of them for sure and I talk with people all the time who communicate to me the mistakes they and their spouse have made […]

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acceptance myths

The Five Myths that Surround Acceptance

By Savannah Ellis Unfortunately, most people in our culture have the wrong idea about what acceptance means. There are five primary myths that abound. I would like to describe each myth for you, and then tell you why it is a myth. Acceptance Myth #1: Acceptance Can Happen All at Once This is the #1 […]

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franconia ridge trail

Mount Infidelity – The Toughest Climb You’ll Ever Do

I realize that it’s very cliché to compare the struggles that go along with affair recovery to climbing a mountain, but after our experience on our vacation we discovered that the comparison to be even more appropriate. While in the White Mountains in New Hampshire we set off on a day-hike called the Franconia Ridge Loop […]

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being vulnerable again after you have been betrayed

Being Vulnerable Again after You Have Been Betrayed

Last Friday was Doug’s annual outing with a bunch of his old high school buddies.  It’s when they go golfing, attend a baseball game and hit the bars afterwards.  Basically they act about 35 years younger than they all are.  Then they go home and recuperate for the rest of the weekend! Anyways, after their […]

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apology after the affair

Elements of A Heartfelt Apology after the Affair

It seems that most betrayed spouses never really get a true heartfelt, genuine apology after the affair from the unfaithful spouse.  Sure, they may get the standard “I’m sorry” but it seems as though they usually hear those two words much too often as the cheater continues their lies and poor behavior. This post is […]

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How to Become Trustworthy After the Affair

Cheating Spouses: How to Become Trustworthy After the Affair

By Sarah P. Betrayed spouses report that one of the most harmful things about infidelity, if not the most harmful thing in some cases, is the loss of Trust. The reason I capitalize the word Trust is because you haven’t just become semi-untrustworthy, but rather completely untrustworthy after you have been unfaithful.  Trust is one […]

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when the other woman becomes the wife

No Such Thing As TMI – The Importance of Full Disclosure after You Have Had an Affair

by Sarah P. Many of us joke about situations where someone shares too much information. We close our ears and say: “La la La la” because someone just over shared. After you have had an affair, it’s likely that your first instinct is to hide the details. You furiously delete all the emails, the text […]

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Empathize With Your Betrayed Spouse

Unfaithful Spouses: Ways to Empathize With Your Betrayed Spouse

by Sarah P. If you are an unfaithful spouse, sometimes you have a hard time comprehending the absolutely visceral pain that your spouse goes through after he/she finds out about your affair. I would like to give you a glimpse into his/her world so that you will understand where the tearfulness and rage comes from. […]

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