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Healing from Infidelity: I Liberated Myself Today

Here is a post from our forum that we thought was just terrific.  Though this reader’s marriage looks as though it may  not survive, she has found inner strength from her husband’s affair and is moving on in a positive fashion.  Healing from infidelity to her means learning from the whole episode and being a […]

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Healing Infidelity: Talking About the Affair

One of the key elements of healing infidelity for many is open communication regarding the affair.  If you were injured in the affair and feel that you can’t move on until your partner answers your questions, then you should initiate a conversation with him or her.   However, be careful what you wish for and […]

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Infidelity, Divorce, Healing – With Bob Lepine

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Today we have something a little different. Instead of our normal video on Saturday, we stumbled on this nice little audio featuring Bob Lepine from Family Life Today. In case you are not familiar with that organization (as we were not), they tout themselves as “A Christian organization helping couples build […]

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An Affair Hits Close to Home

Yesterday I received some devastating news from my brother.  He told me he had fallen madly in love with someone and was leaving his marriage of 28 years. To anyone this would be earth shattering, but to a survivor of an affair it was even more difficult to handle.  I had the opportunity to talk […]

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Getting Over an Affair: Dealing with Triggers

There is no doubt that getting over an affair is difficult.  Even after the apologies and the forgiveness that follows, it can be a tough thing to live through.  In our situation, what causes the problems most of the time are the “triggers” that Linda sees, hears or thinks about that cause memories to coming […]

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“TRUST YOURSELF” Mother’s Day Project

Are you open to receive an amazing gift? Through the magic of Twitter, we recently formed a relationship with  Michael Sherman.  He’s a personal coach and relationship expert, and the founder of COURAGEOUS LOVING, a company devoted to helping people answer the question, “Who are my relationships calling me to become?” We’d like to take […]

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Healing From Infidelity: How to Get Over the Hurt

Recently Linda and I had a morning that didn’t start off too well.  She was talking to me about an issue that was mentioned in the comments that upset her with respect to my emotional affair with Tanya.  It was early in the morning, and I made the mistake of not thinking before I answered […]

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Open Discussion: Healing From Infidelity

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This week our discussion is centered around healing. Here are some questions to consider: What have you done, or doing to help you with healing from your infidelity journey? What makes you feel better? Have you taken up any hobbies? Are you exercising? Any daily rituals? How do you get your […]

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Affair Recovery: Friends Can Help

One of our readers left a comment recently where he mentioned that during his affair recovery he has made an effort to reconnect with “real” male friends that are also friends of his marriage. Please note he was referring to friends of the same sex.  I thought that this was a really good idea.  One […]

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Healing From Infidelity: Don’t Keep It Inside

A recent comment from one of our readers brought back memories on how difficult it has been healing from infidelity and continuing to live day to day as if everything was fine while my whole world was falling apart around me. I would get so angry knowing that if the circumstances were different–for instance, if […]

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