The Emotional Affair: Is it Worth it?

We have written so much about the intoxicating feelings received during an emotional affair, and the pain and recovery of the betrayed spouse.  However one area we have neglected to touch on is the effort involved in maintaining an affair. We’re talking here about the time, the sacrifices and the work that is required to […]

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Open Discussion: After the Affair Will You Trust Again?

Good Wednesday! This week our discussion is centered around trust. Here are some questions to consider and respond to: After the affair, will you be able to trust your cheating spouse/partner again? If so, will it be the same as it was prior to the affair? What does your spouse or partner need to do […]

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Healing From Infidelity: Don’t Keep It Inside

A recent comment from one of our readers brought back memories on how difficult it has been healing from infidelity and continuing to live day to day as if everything was fine while my whole world was falling apart around me. I would get so angry knowing that if the circumstances were different–for instance, if […]

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Dealing With Infidelity: My Top 9 Mistakes

The hardest part of my dealing with infidelity is not the emotional affair itself but what happened after I found out.  I had a difficult time understanding why Doug didn’t just stop cold turkey and had such a hard time getting back those loving feelings for me. Now knowing the dynamics of affairs, and reading […]

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Emotional Affairs: Just a Game?

This is a warning, I am a betrayed spouse, and I have never taken the opportunity to engage in an affair so I am strictly speaking from speculation and not from experience.  I may offend some of you who have been involved with someone outside your marriage, but I am just voicing my opinion and […]

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Why Did I Stay to Save Our Marriage?

After yesterday’s discussion topic I started to think more about why I stayed to save our marriage and just didn’t give up and leave after the affair.  Initially I stayed because of fear. I didn’t know what I was going to do, where I was to go and what would happen to our children. This […]

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Open Discussion: When do you Give up?

Good Wednesday! Once again we’d like to thank everyone for contributing to our open discussions about affairs. Many of you have such great thoughts and ideas to contribute. It’s really amazing! This week’s discussion: With all the pain and heartache that victims of affairs experience, at what point do you give up and say “Enough […]

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Saving A Marriage:Sex After the Affair

We’ve not delved too deeply into the subject of having sex after the affair. However, one of the best ways we found (in hindsight) to saving a marriage is connecting on an intimate level.  In other words—lots of great sex! For some reason, even when Linda and I were in the darkest days of realization […]

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How to Learn From an Emotional Affair

We have a son who is in his first year of college, and we found out a couple of days ago that he had recently taken an ethics seminar at school.  We found this out because we had just received the $200 bill for it and had questioned this added expense.  When we confronted him […]

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Video: Are You at Risk For an Affair?

Happy Saturday! Once again we have a very good video with Dave Carder. This time he is interviewed based on his book “Close Calls-What Adulterers Want You to Know,” which discusses characteristics and reasons for why people have affairs. Did you ever wonder what causes an affair? This video and Carder’s book go over many […]

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