Healing from Infidelity: I Liberated Myself Today

Here is a post from our forum that we thought was just terrific.  Though this reader’s marriage looks as though it may  not survive, she has found inner strength from her husband’s affair and is moving on in a positive fashion.  Healing from infidelity to her means learning from the whole episode and being a […]

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Video: Meeting the Needs of Your Spouse

Good Saturday! This week we have a nice little video about how men and women have different needs and how they can be met. Not meeting each other’s needs is a major reason for affairs and the breaking up of marriages in general. Check out this video and you might learn a few things about […]

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affair bubble

Life in the Affair Bubble

Yesterday my Father-in-law met my brother-in-law’s affair partner, and though my Father-in-law didn’t have much to say about the whole event, he did mention that my brother-in-law is head over heels in love and has pretty much written off his 28-year marriage. I haven’t had the opportunity to speak to my brother-in-law about the whole […]

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serious talk

Healing Infidelity: Talking About the Affair

One of the key elements of healing infidelity for many is open communication regarding the affair.  If you were injured in the affair and feel that you can’t move on until your partner answers your questions, then you should initiate a conversation with him or her.   However, be careful what you wish for and […]

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Open Discussion: Are We Really Meant to be Monogamous?

Good Wednesday to all of you! Well last week’s question turned out to be a real dud. Oh well, that happens sometimes. With all that’s been going on with Linda’s brother lately, we were asking each other over the weekend why all of these affairs are happening these days. Several questions still lingered: Are we […]

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The Emotional Affair Journey Handbook

We’re happy to be able to offer our first e-book, “The Emotional Affair Journey Handbook” — it’s a series of our best articles on various aspects of healing and recovery from marital affairs, as well as how to save your marriage. In addition, the first chapter is the complete untold account of how Doug’s emotional […]

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how to survive an affair if you're the cheater

How to Survive an Affair if You’re the Cheater

Once the affair has been discovered, there are things that the cheater should do in order for there to be a fighting chance at saving the marriage.  Dr. Frank Gunzburg, author of “How to Survive an Affair,” offers these seven steps that the cheater must take: Critical Action #1: Take the Hit The very first […]

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Infidelity, Divorce, Healing – With Bob Lepine

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Today we have something a little different. Instead of our normal video on Saturday, we stumbled on this nice little audio featuring Bob Lepine from Family Life Today. In case you are not familiar with that organization (as we were not), they tout themselves as “A Christian organization helping couples build […]

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surviving an affair

Surviving an Affair: Will an Affair Destroy Your Marriage?

Surviving an affair is probably the hardest thing any couple will attempt to do in their lives.  We can attest to that fact without question.   But we are also here to tell you that it can be done.  Surviving an affair takes hard work and commitment from both partners. It doesn’t have to be the […]

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having an affair

Having an Affair Within Your Marriage

Most of us who are married come to the point in our relationship where the excitement and satisfaction levels drop off considerably from earlier times in our marriage. It could because of the kids, work or some other aspect of everyday life.  It’s these low-satisfaction levels that can lead a person to having an affair. […]

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