How to Learn From an Emotional Affair

We have a son who is in his first year of college, and we found out a couple of days ago that he had recently taken an ethics seminar at school.  We found this out because we had just received the $200 bill for it and had questioned this added expense.  When we confronted him […]

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Video: Are You at Risk For an Affair?

Happy Saturday! Once again we have a very good video with Dave Carder. This time he is interviewed based on his book “Close Calls-What Adulterers Want You to Know,” which discusses characteristics and reasons for why people have affairs. Did you ever wonder what causes an affair? This video and Carder’s book go over many […]

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Healing From Infidelity: I Am Proud of My Husband

One of our readers who comments frequently on this blog really opened my eyes this week.  I have been focusing on my own pain and healing from infidelity, yet I have been blind to how much Doug has grown in all this process.  I felt that I owe him some recognition because he does get […]

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After the Affair: I am Angry

Last night I began reading a book about forgiveness.  In the book, the author discusses how forgiveness needs to be an integral part of a marriage, and how on a daily basis we need to learn to forgive our spouses for various things.  The author discussed the 4 stages of forgiveness. At times I seem […]

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Thank You!

I want to thank everyone for their comments, questions and support. Your questions have helped me to understand Doug’s affair a little better. I know it is hard to understand that even after a year I was not sure about all the dynamics of their relationship. We would have these questioning sessions and most of […]

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Open Discussion: Why Are You Here?

This week’s discussion is going to be a little different. This week you are going to help us help you! Here goes… Why do you visit this site? Are you here because you are looking for help in surviving a marital affair of some sort? Or do you need help to save your marriage in […]

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Emotional Affair-What Was He Thinking?

It is amazing to me how one question about jealousy can provide so much insight. For a year and a half I have been thinking that Doug stumbled across the most perfect person in the world for him. I was under the impression that with his emotional affair he had found someone attractive, tiny, outgoing, […]

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Recovering From an Affair: A Roller Coaster Ride

Jealousy. It is amazing how that word gave me  an extra bounce in my step yesterday and today make me sink into a deep hole of depression. That’s what happens when you are recovering from an affair. Yesterday I was excited to know that Tanya was not perfect.  Today I am upset because I learned […]

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Recovering From a Broken Marriage: Video

This week’s video is a good one.  It is with Dr. David Hawkins, the author of “Love Lost.” The discussion centers around recovering from a broken marriage.  Dr. Hawkins himself suffered from a traumatic event when his wife of 28 years told him she didn’t love him anymore and asked him to leave. He offers […]

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Thoughts on Jealousy in an Emotional Affair

I have been on spring break this week and therefore I have a lot more time on my hands to reflect and write about Doug’s emotional affair. It is amazing how being away from 26 eight year-olds clears your mind and energizes your body. For me it has been a good opportunity to think about […]

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