Video: Regaining Trust After an Affair

Happy Saturday, and an early happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! The comments this past week have been jumping with respect to regaining trust after an affair. Our video this week is a brief one with Esther Perel, author of “Mating in Captivity,” where she discusses this subject rather well. LINESPACE

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Dealing With Infidelity: Why Did it Happen?

At some point all of us who are dealing with infidelity have asked the question, “Why did it happen?”  Obviously every situation is different and there is no simple answer. Some people are unfaithful for very deep-seated emotional reasons, while others are unfaithful because of their beliefs about the opposite sex.  Still others are unfaithful […]

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“TRUST YOURSELF” Mother’s Day Project

Are you open to receive an amazing gift? Through the magic of Twitter, we recently formed a relationship with  Michael Sherman.  He’s a personal coach and relationship expert, and the founder of COURAGEOUS LOVING, a company devoted to helping people answer the question, “Who are my relationships calling me to become?” We’d like to take […]

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Healing From Infidelity: How to Get Over the Hurt

Recently Linda and I had a morning that didn’t start off too well.  She was talking to me about an issue that was mentioned in the comments that upset her with respect to my emotional affair with Tanya.  It was early in the morning, and I made the mistake of not thinking before I answered […]

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Open Discussion: Healing From Infidelity

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This week our discussion is centered around healing. Here are some questions to consider: What have you done, or doing to help you with healing from your infidelity journey? What makes you feel better? Have you taken up any hobbies? Are you exercising? Any daily rituals? How do you get your […]

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Affair Recovery: Friends Can Help

One of our readers left a comment recently where he mentioned that during his affair recovery he has made an effort to reconnect with “real” male friends that are also friends of his marriage. Please note he was referring to friends of the same sex.  I thought that this was a really good idea.  One […]

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Dealing With Infidelity: Another Learning Experience

Last weekend I was able to see first hand how an affair can begin so easily and be so addicting and alluring. Our daughters had a lot going on–a soccer tournament, out-of-town dance competition, and their birthday party. To say the least I was a little stressed. But the “new me” was going to handle […]

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Video – Why Women Have Affairs

If you haven’t noticed by now, this Marriage Uncensored show has become one of our favorites as they always seem to have good guests with interesting and valuable things to discuss. This week their guest is discussing the reasons why women have affairs. Of course, men can certainly have affairs for many of the same […]

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Marital Affair: An ‘OW’ Speaks Out

Up until this point in the somewhat brief history of this blog, if you analyze the comments from readers, we have had primarily two types of visitors: the Cheated on and the cheating spouse. Well, we received an excellent comment that we wanted to share to everyone from a very different perspective of an “other […]

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The Emotional Affair: Is it Worth it?

We have written so much about the intoxicating feelings received during an emotional affair, and the pain and recovery of the betrayed spouse.  However one area we have neglected to touch on is the effort involved in maintaining an affair. We’re talking here about the time, the sacrifices and the work that is required to […]

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