Open Discussion: What Are You Learning About You?

Good Wednesday to all! Nobody ever plans on being a victim of a marital affair, or for that matter having an affair. But it happens, and it is a terribly painful experience for those involved. Life is filled with times of transitions, times of change, times of trauma, times of death, times of crisis of […]

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Surviving Infidelity: Follow Your Pain

Dr. Robert Huizenga is a well known expert on surviving infidelity.  In fact, he is referred as the “Infidelity Coach.”  He recently has written a new book entitled, “The First Step in Surviving Infidelity – From Basket Case to Making Your Cheating Spouse Blink,” and we were asked to review it prior to it being […]

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After Ending An Affair: Get Past the Grief

Cheaters can have a rough time getting over their affair partners. Recently we have blogged about infidelity as an addiction, and many of the comments and emails that we have received mention how hard it is for a cheater to not only leave their affair partner after ending an affair, but also to get over […]

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affair fog

Newsflash: The Affair Fog has Lifted!

I was out running some errands yesterday when my phone ran, and it was my brother.  At first I was hesitant to answer because I have not talked to him since our weekend together several weeks ago. I decided to pull away from him a bit because I couldn’t support what he was doing, but […]

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A Reader’s View of Her Husband’s Marital Affair

Quite coincidentally, we received an email yesterday from one of our readers who had some words to share regarding marital infidelity as an addiction.  After getting her permission, we thought it would be an interesting and thought provoking piece to post. Compared to many people that have shared their opinions on affairs, she has somewhat […]

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Open Discussion: Is Marital Infidelity an Addiction?

Good Wednesday to all! We’ve talked about this many times before on this site. Some of you agree and some of you don’t agree with the premise that infidelity is an addiction. So here is today’s question…short and sweet: Is marital infidelity an addiction, or is it just a bulls@#t excuse? Please be sure to […]

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The Emotional Affair Has Made Me Unsure of Myself

Your comments from my post from yesterday were insightful and helped me to make a move in the right direction. I believe that I should personally deal with this empty feeling and figure out what is missing in my life after Doug’s emotional affair.  I am not looking for a quick solution. I am just […]

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Sex, Stress, Hormones and Happiness After the Affair

I have read all of John Gray’s books in the past, and recently picked up his new one called, “Venus on Fire Mars on Ice.” It has a lot of the scientific data that I enjoy absorbing.  I haven’t realized this about myself until after the affair, but I am somewhat of a geek.  I […]

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Open Discussion: Can an Affair be Good for Your Marriage?

Well it’s hump day again! Some weeks it’s easier  than others to think of discussion topics.  This was one of those tough weeks.  Again though, we got this idea from one of those who commented recently.  So here it is: Is it possible in your situation that the affair can actually be a good thing […]

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The Emotional Affair Made Me Feel Worthless – Part 2

While writing this post my emotions took over and I began to feel the pain of all of this again.  I ran up to my little hiding place and had a melt down.  It is amazing how all the negative feelings can be released with a good cry. Of course Doug was confused and upset […]

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