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Emotional Infidelity: A KEY Tactic to Save the Marriage

As you may remember, our 25th anniversary was a couple of days ago, and in celebration of that we are taking off for a few days to enjoy some sun, surf, beer and boats.  It’s just the two of us alone for 3 whole days.  We can’t tell you the last time that has happened! […]

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forgiving infidelity

Forgiving Infidelity – What Forgiveness Is and Is Not

Forgiving infidelity is a topic that comes across our desk quite often. It is a hard thing to do for those of us that have been harmed by an affair. I was listening to an audio recently of an interview with Leslie Karen Sann, who is a counselor, educator and coach about forgiveness, which I […]

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Open Discussion: Infidelity Effects on Children

Good Wednesday to all of you! We haven’t dealt very much with how an affair effects the children of those involved. The impact can be tremendous not only on young children, but grown-up kids as well. With this subject in mind, we pose the week’s discussion questions: Do your kids know about the affair? If […]

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Recovering From an Affair: No Pain. No Gain.

Today is a very important landmark for me and Linda. It is our 25th wedding anniversary. Compared to the other 24 anniversaries, this is by far the most special. The last 18 months have been chock full of many different emotions and stressful issues, yet also a renewed sense of passion, fun and excitement within […]

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affair fog

Understanding the Affair Fog

The term “affair fog” is often used by experts and affair victims to describe the euphoria that someone involved in an affair feels.  Think of how good you felt when you first fell in love.  During this period, the cheater will often rationalize their actions in order to minimize their feelings of guilt — often […]

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Video: Recognizing & Dealing With Emotional Infidelity

Well Saturday is finally here and we have a very good six-minute video for you today that features author Danine Manette. In the video she discusses emotional infidelity and it’s definition, effects and signs, as well as tips to repair your marriage after an emotional affair. Please check it out. For a six-minute video it […]

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coping with infidelity

Coping With Infidelity: 9 Questions You May Struggle With

When you first learn that your partner has been unfaithful and you are coping with infidelity, the sense of betrayal can be unbearable to say the least.  In one single moment in time you feel as though your heart has been ripped out of your chest.  The thoughts and emotions that circulate through your very […]

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Recovering From Infidelity – 16 Ways to Reinvent Your Marriage

In Tuesday’s post, Doug discussed how important it is for us as a couple to constantly evaluate our relationship and to make the changes necessary to keep our marriage on track. I feel as if now we have a brand new marriage.  One that is different from what we have experienced for many years. I […]

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Open Discussion: Should You Spy on Your Spouse?

Good Wednesday to all of you! We get a lot of emails and comments through this site, and one of the things that we noticed is that many of you “spy” on your cheating spouses in order to catch them in the act. So along that line, here are this week’s discussion questions: First of […]

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Healing After Infidelity: Create a New Purpose for Your Marriage

For an affair to occur, there typically is some sort of marital deterioration that has happened over the course of many months or years that both spouses have contributed to.  It matters not who contributed more at this point, but what does matter is that each of you share responsibility for the past and also […]

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