Getting Over an Affair: Dealing with Triggers

There is no doubt that getting over an affair is difficult.  Even after the apologies and the forgiveness that follows, it can be a tough thing to live through.  In our situation, what causes the problems most of the time are the “triggers” that Linda sees, hears or thinks about that cause memories to coming […]

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Video: Saying Your Sorry After an Affair

Good Saturday! This week we have posted about forgiving infidelity, and today’s video centers on the other side of the forgiving process, and that is saying you are sorry. The video does not deal specifically with apologizing after an affair, but discusses apologizing in general and why it’s important for the healing process. The guest […]

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Should You Forgive an Affair?

Yesterday our post dealt with how to forgive infidelity.  There were quite a few comments regarding this subject, and we would encourage if you haven’t already done so, to make a comment and throw your 2 cents in.  Some of you have forgiven and have chosen to move on.  Others said they will not forgive.  […]

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Forgiving Infidelity: A Nine Step Approach

During the last several weeks we have noticed through the various emails we receive and the comments to the blog that many of us are struggling with the thought of forgiving infidelity.  After all, a great injustice has occurred to us and we all hurt tremendously.    An all too familiar theme is presented over […]

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Open Discussion: Lessons Learned From the Affair

Good Wednesday! We hope everyone is having a good week. When experiencing an affair-regardless if you are the victim or the betrayer – there are life lessons to be learned. This week’s discussion centers on those lessons. Here is the question for today: From all that you have experienced as a result of the affair, […]

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Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem After the Affair

Experiencing the trauma of an affair can be bad enough to endure, but one of the most devastating aspects of an affair is the effect it can have on your self-esteem.  It can make you feel that you are a terrible, worthless person.  After all, why else would your spouse have an affair and risk […]

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An Amazing Story of a Husband’s Emotional Affair

We received this email the other day from “Debbie” telling an amazing story of her husband’s emotional affair.  You’ve got to read this as it tells a familiar tale for many of us, but in a very colorful way.  Enjoy: “(This is the first and only thing I have ever written about my Emotional Affair […]

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Video: Tips for Resolving Conflicts

Here is a really good video featuring Dr. David Hawkins. He discusses a major topic that we all probably can do better at in our relationships: Resolving Conflicts. Though the video is not specific to surviving infidelity, the strategies can be applied to each of our situations. After all, an affair is a conflict, is […]

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Surviving Infidelity: The Top 26 Things You Both Must Do

The following list of 26 things to do for surviving infidelity was emailed to us recently and we thought it was worth sharing with you.  Let us know if you have any additions you think might be necessary. In order for your marriage to successfully survive these are some things that your spouse must do: […]

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After the Emotional Affair: Questioning Every Decision

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day.  Mine was wonderful as usual (except during the affair year that is). My family always went the extra mile to show how much they appreciate me. Their tradition always included breakfast in bed, flowers, cards, gifts, a day of family fun and they always made me feel […]

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