Recovering From An Affair: Keep the Passion Alive

I have been reading a book by one of my favorite authors called “Passion,” by Barbara de Angelis.  Today I have decided to share an excerpt from the book about keeping the passion of love alive.  Keeping the passion alive is especially important in preventing an affair, but also while recovering from an affair.  This […]

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Save Your Marriage: Building Fences Around Your Relationship

Yesterday I was re-reading a portion of Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s book about how to save your marriage by keeping danger out and love within.  I got to thinking about what Linda and I have done to not only save our marriage, but effectively keeping our love alive and growing our relationship on a regular basis. […]

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Open Discussion: Has Your Views on Commitment Changed?

Happy Wednesday! Let’s get right to the point here. We feel we have an interesting subject for this week’s open discussion: Commitment is the glue that holds two people together through difficult times. Has experiencing an affair changed your views on commitment within your marriage? What enables you to stay the course and not waver […]

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Getting Over an Affair: Stop the Comparisons

My computer crashed July 4th and I had several tabs open for sites that I frequent.  In order to find them again I looked in the history to bring them back up and noticed that there were a couple of sites that had been opened that were Tanya’s –her Facebook  account and her work site.  […]

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Recovering From an Affair: The Promissory Note

Every now and then we get some real gems from you guys in the comment sections that can help others in recovering from an affair, and we feel we just have to share with everyone.  Today we would like to do just that.  Here is a comment left by Jay to our most recent Open […]

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Emotional Affair: Understanding the Phases

The recent events with my brother, along with digging deeper into Dave Carder’s book,  “Torn Asunder,” has again made me think a lot about trying to understand Doug’s emotional affair.  I know in many ways I will probably understand it more than Doug does.  I think that it was a blur of emotions and mistakes […]

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Open Discussion: How Important is Knowing Why?

Happy Wednesday! One of the first questions we ask when we found out our spouse has cheated on us is “Why?” It’s a question that probably eats most of all at the betrayed spouse as they try to wrap their minds around it all. We’ve done a lot of reading on infidelity and there are […]

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Getting Over an Affair: Dealing With Affair Withdrawal

Getting over an affair is not only difficult for the person who was betrayed, but also for the person who had the affair.  When you have had an affair and it ends, you might get a feeling of “withdrawal.” As we have mentioned many times on this blog, being in an affair is a lot […]

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Ending an Affair: Getting Them to Stop

Many of us have struggled with the situation after “D-day” where our spouses have difficulty ending an affair and we didn’t know how to act or how to convince our spouse that saving our marriage was the best choice.  In yesterday’s post I discussed the book “Torn Asunder” and highlighted the four phases of an […]

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Healing After Infidelity: Why Won’t They Stop?

Many of our recent comments from readers have centered on the problem that their spouses are still in contact with their affair partner, and apparently unwilling to stop.  As we have mentioned many times, healing after infidelity cannot occur until all contact has ceased.  I can recall firsthand how difficult it was for Doug and […]

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